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We are new creatures in Christ.  Jesus didn't just promise us eternal life, He also promised us power and abundance.  Many believers have not been instructed in this truth.  These shirts are meant to minister to believers and unbelievers alike as we proudly proclaim the power and gifts that flow through us.

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While many have changed their minds concerning the catching away of the Church, this collection is for those who yet believe that because no man knows the day or hour there must be a time of deliverance for the saints from this world before the judgment events of Revelation come upon the world in full measure.  Shop this collection to help you convey the message, "Christ is soon to come!" 


Our tees are created as conversation starters.  A believer can read it and immediately recognize the message (in most cases), while an unbeliever would probably ask, "What does that mean?"  It is meant to open the door for evangelism!

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From recreation to a bad hair day, our caps are meant to minister to readers, saved and not saved.  The caps carry many of the conversation starters you expect from us and some Christian symbols.  Shop the Cap Collection now to get your head covering.


Your morning joe will be even better with a reminder of the faith.  These beautiful mugs are perfect for drinking or even displaying in the perfect place to minister to unbelievers.  Shop it now and find the right mug with the right message.



Popular with men and young people are our hoodies with messages conveying and celebrating the Christian Faith.

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Faith Friday Project

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