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Join the new non-verbal evangelistic ministry.
Purchase your shirts, organize your 1st Friday excursion with others, and watch the Spirit work.

We are a movement of simple believers sharing the Faith that we believe in and are so proud of.  Every 1st Friday, we express that Faith by wearing t-shirts that display the love Jesus has for our city.  We are not proselytizing as much as we are allowing the powerful name of Jesus to do His work in preparing the hearts of the people for us to share.


God so loved the world, not condemn the world.  In a world that now is so repelled and repulsed by our Christ, we need His intervention if we are to reap the harvest of this generation.


Our goal is to have millions of believers across the country wearing their Faith Friday Ministry T-Shirt every 1st Friday to stir interest in the Christian Faith, magnify our Faith, and encourage believers as they see others whom they do not know wearing their Faith, too.


Each shirt bears the name of the city we love, call home, and are praying for.


Join our pages on social media platforms to connect with believers and encourage believers to upload their photos of the connections they make every 1st Friday.


We don’t require nor encourage any to witness to anyone while wearing our Faith Friday wear, but simply let the shirt speak and the Holy Spirit minister to the individual.  Likewise, we don’t dissuade anyone from sharing their faith should someone inquire for more information about the Christ or the shirt.

Find your city & order your shirt

A few do's and don'ts

What we do on Faith Friday.

  1. Wear our shirts.

  2. Spend time actively praying for the city we love.

  3. Fast at least once a month.

  4. Monitor our behavior as we are visibly representing The Faith.

What we DON’T do on Faith Friday.

  1. Engage in politics.

  2. Debate with those who disagree with our methods.

  3. Discuss denominational differences.

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